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Thread: Flite - cross platform speech synthesis

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    Working on a new pycar release I got around making pyflite package for Python.
    It uses flite library for speech synthesis. Read here more:
    It is very good alternative to sapi from MS and works everywhere and open source !
    So I managed to have Python wrapper with very simple interface. See the Python code snippet:
    import flite
    import as sound
    snd= sound.Output( 16000, 1, sound.AFMT_S16_LE )
    v= flite.load( 'kal16.v' )
    s= v.toWave( 'flite kal16 testing' ) s )
    If anyone need it I can make a release for Windows and Linux. Hope you like it...
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    That would be really cool if you were to post what you have.

    -- thanks anyway, i just realized how easy it was to do with pyrex.

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