We can do reviews of FEs for sure.

Also, we can add functionality to the Auto App Mart on the customer side so that you can define your set up clearly and we can publish the general stats along with average rating.

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ewwww, old post awaken from the dead

Actually, I can see why somebody would ask this question. I did years ago about Forum boards and which one to use.

The problem is that you come here and see all these options and then notice that some options seem to be dead/non-active/developer gone MIA and such.

A solution to the above question:
1.) have reviews of FE
2.) try to keep a "locked" thread only for posting functionality
3.) try to keep active FEs on top category, will need developers to check out when they no longer wish to play

However, I do see that the app mart might take care of problem in some fashion.

@ the kitstikwon
every forum has it's own flavor so you might want to stick around a bit and reconsider some of your thoughts when you replied this post since this place isn't that cold