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Thread: front end advice for a low power system

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    front end advice for a low power system

    My temporary carputer is going to be a lowly AMD k6/2 450 overclocked to 550.

    I tried installing road runner and it was extremely slow/unresponsive as to be unusable- I checked and it was consuming 100% of the cpu power just sitting there.

    Was there possibly just a problem with my install?
    Is there a better front end for a computer without power to spare?

    Also, are there any skins available (any frontend) that can be set up for music playing only (thats all my carputer will be doing until I have the $ for a better system and a gps/dvd player.

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    Ive dabbled in linux before- drove me up a freakin wall.

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    The RR issue will be due to the wrong flash version, upgrade to the latest version and try again. It should work pretty much ok with minimal specs.

    Failing that try a skin with no flash in it.

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