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Thread: Icom PCR100 Software

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    Icom PCR100 Software

    For those using the PCR100 (NOT PCR1000):

    I was using the software for the PCR1000 to run my PCR100 but didn't really like it because it is way too complex for car use. The old PCR100 software is a lot simpler and better for the car, but I couldn't get it working at all under XP.

    I have discovered a fix: Copy the rxbase.dll file from the PCR1000 software to the PCR100 installation directory. This will fix the PCR100 application so it works under XP.
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    I have a PCR100 and it worked fine on 2 different computers with XP on them. True serial ports, no usb/serial adapter. I didn't bother with the factory software, I used talkpcr instead. Yahoogroups has a group dedicated to talkpcr. It's a free download but it's nagware. The dude who wrote it decided not to charge for it anymore but he never told anyone how to get rid of the nag, the yahoo group will help with that. they have a good file section. I like my pcr100 but I'm not happy with the sensitivity, maybe a different antenna will help. People have used these things to pull data down from NOAA satalites!

    Let me know how you make out or if you need any help.


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