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    Question Lost here

    So I've done searches and tried to install everything I thought I needed to bring my computer back after re-installing windows when I got this system error message/windows dead screen every time I tried to boot. New xp installed, .net, windows updates, and macomedia/shockwave all done but things just aren't the same. For some reason things run funny, I can't even get mapmonkey to run in frodo player, I have to run it seperately. anyone have any suggestions. Is there an order to install everything, or am I missing some programs maybe? It seems like I did nothing to have it work perfect the first time around and now that I though I knew something, nothing works. Help
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    If Map Monkey runs by itself you might find that some or all of your DLL’s for Map Monkey / Destinator have not been registered or not in the working directory when Frodo Player is running, you should get an error message.

    Have you tried reinstalling Map Monkey?
    What exactly happens in Frodo Player? Error Message or any sign of MM starting?

    You also mention “things run funny” what exactly isn’t working properly?

    It’s hard to suggest anything else. You need to be more descriptive of your problem(s).

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