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Thread: DAM OS Wont Load

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    DAM OS Wont Load

    Im trying to install Windows Media Center 2005 on my setup and it gives me this error:

    stop: c0000221 unknown Hard Error

    Anyone know why this is happening, btw i also tried installing XP Pro SP2 Integrated and same error. I checked connections and everything, mobo says WD 40G is detected.

    Thanks in advance

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    I wonder whether this is HW related problem (sure!) and whether you tried to swap some components to see whats causing it. I would start with your RAM stick(s) and PSU.

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    1) When you format the hard drive DO NOT use quick format. Use a full format, as it will also run CHKDSK and work around any physically damaged sectors.
    2) Clean your CD or check it for scratches.
    3) Check your RAM and PSU like LagunaICE suggests.
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    From the MS site:

    The following STOP message appears when a critical system file or other file needed to load Windows is corrupted:
    STOP: C0000221 unknown hard error
    <path>\<file name>

    Check here:

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    Could be you CD drive too (I remember sothimg similar happened to one guy before)

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    Yeah, try another CD drive.
    I had a similar problem and wasted hours trying to figure it out. I installed another CD drive and all was well.....

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