I AM UP TO HERE [points to neck] WITH THIS SDK!!!!!

Sorry, but I haven't gotten any help with the D3 SDK and I can't make heads or tails of how the hell this thing works! I'm going crazy .

How do I finish my interface? I am writing in VB6 and cannot for the life of me see how to replace the options menu/dialog with my own (ie: tell the Dest object what settings to have. eg: GPS Baud Rate, COM port, etc. All I found is Dest.GPSProtocol) How do I do this?

I tried to figure out how to do this manually but cant figure out where the hell D3 stores its settings. I don't see any changes in Destinator.ini before and after changing settings. Is there a reg key or what?

I've PMed CDR twice and no reply... ah well he's a busy man.

If you're gonna say or then I'm gonna go a bit like:

coz theres squat anywhere.
For those who might say , I say:
"WHAT MANUAL!!?!?! I didn't get one with my order (They obviously don't care about international customers...).