I have the directshow filter installed for .ape files installed and WMP will play .ape files...after a fashion. The problem I have is that is will not play the files when I first open them. If I double click the files in file explorer (which are associated with Windows Media Player), WMP will open and imediatly give an error that it can't play the file. If I click OK on the dialog and then click the play button it will think for a second and play the file.

I have two machines. One is setup fine for .ape and WMP plays w/o errors. The machine with the problem is a fresh install of XP home.
Also note that the machine acts the same way if I am in WMP and I choose File->Open and open a file of .ape. The error shows.

Anyone have anything they can suggest? I need to fix this problem. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

I am going to use Frodo player as my front end and it won't play my .ape files until I solve this problem. grr.