Hi all thanks for looking..I am trying to to load playlists in winamp using 2 or more remote control buttons.I know how to load playlists with 1 button press but how do I do it with multiple key presses?

I have all my playlists numbered 1-150

I want to hit on the remote 1 then (enter or what ever button I want to use for the load command) or hit 123 then enter etc....

I searched with no luck also posted at the girder forums with no luck.This has to be pretty easy to do but I can not figure it out.

One time I thought I had it working right but I do not know what I did and can not get it to work again.

Also what would be the easiest way to have Girder jump to the next playlist number or the previous playlist number using 1 button for previous playlist then another button for the next playlist number?

Any ideas?