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Thread: foobar uis for touchscreens

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    foobar uis for touchscreens

    with the new .9 and columns ui, setting up a touchscreen system running foobar becomes really interesting.

    anyone else running a touchscreen foobar system and want to post their set-ups?

    heres my first attempt, based on habla's (from the hydrogen audio forums). i wanted a low-fi green-on-black look as its going into a landrover defender 110:

    (still needs some polish)

    being able to customize all the buttons and place them anywhere with the new formatting works great. clicking on the landrover icon on mine puts foobar into full screen mode (but 'clicking and right-turning' with my griffin powermate will still cycle through open programs, in fact foobar and powermates work great together as you can set global key combinations with both).

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    I just found this post. I have been searching for a way to do this for a while now. Could you offer some advice on this? I have tried searching for ways to configure the appearance but I have no coding experience at all. Recently, panels_ui came out for foobar and this looks like a great way to set it up for touchscreen. But again, I have no idea what I'm doing.

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