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Depending on the options your vehicle has, the steering wheel controls may be the only thing residing on the i-bus with the rest of your entertainment features operating on the k-bus. Use something like the ibus analyzer to see if you are seeing data packets from your radio etc.
i have exactly same system as sama's. Amp radio and casette in one box and hu's faceplate with buttons (specially mode button) is removed. I connect this control panel to radio-amp-casette-box and set mode on cd each time when i start the car. Amp switches to radio after a while which is the worsest situation. This is not the port nor the ibus. I put my ibus on differently ports and it doesn't effect anything. Ibusanalyzer can track and simulate steerwheel buttons(<, >, +, -) and there is no scrolling text. I really don't know where to begin. Is it a software issue or hardware really not sure about it.

Second strange thing is my carpc mostly mutes the sound at start-up so i have to open mp3player and change the volume to unmute it. May it have to do something with it?

BTW Sama,
I couldn't find these options you told about. There are few checkbox (live, preview, fire up) and few blank textfields. There is a start/stop scan button and analyze button. There are two logs and both of them difficult to understand. One contains some data (eb 21 30 ...) and another shows some results but i can't copy the text or scroll and read cause it scrolls down like a bloddy msn messenger window. I may be using an older version. I'll check a newer version. This case is really annoying specially at the point of cutting my plexiglass faceplate.