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OK went out and got the Audigy and it worked after some playing around with settings in all my front ends. Now my problem is the sound quality. The quality of the XM signal sound is good but whenever i open the Line In port I get aweful engine whine through all my speakers which of course ruins the sound quality. Any idea's how to get rid of this? I assume it may have to do with how i powered the xm direct box... went off the same switchblock as the amps and in car pc was this a bad idea? Any suggestions appreciated!

Disregard... I went to local Audio Shop to get something I remembered from a while ago a engine noise reducer I used to have to use on my audio systems in my old hot rods... hooked up a lightning audio version of it and BAM Crystal Clear sound with no engine whine! Thanks to God of Cpu and other who helped me through this... i can FINALLY enjoy my in car pc!