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Thread: Installing Ms-dos 7.x

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    Installing Ms-dos 7.x

    How do I do this? I don't know any install disks. I have 6.22 and dr-dos, they will not work for what I need. I need to find out how to put ms-dos 7.x on a harddrive.

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    Re: Installing Ms-dos 7.x

    just use win95/98 DOS. goto a command prompt in win98. then format the drive/disk with a format command..

    format a: /s

    that will make a floppy disk bootable with DOS...... did I miss the point?
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    yeah actually, I want it installed on the hard drive.

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    Why won't DRDOS work? It's far superior to MSDOS 7.1.

    If, for some reason, you want MSDOS 7.1, do what magnetik said, then just do format c: /s

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    1. Make Win98 boot disk. Include the files FORMAT.COM and FDISK.COM

    2. Boot machine disk. Use FDISK to creat a primary active parition on the HD.

    3. Reboot using boot disk.

    4. Type FORMAT C: /S

    5. When done, copy contents of \WINDOWS\COMMAND folder from another machine into the \DOS directory on your DOS machine.

    Note: This procedure erases all previous data on the machine you are installing DOS onto.
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