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Thread: Engine monitoring and data logging

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    Engine monitoring and data logging

    Any programs out that or devices that allow us to monitor engine sensors/aftermarket add on sensors and display on the carPC?

    Talking about gauge features like

    Boost, wideband O2, exhaust gas temp, oil pressure.. etc etc...

    I'm having difficulty finding a product that is worth it's money and I don't have the cash to spend on going with a standalone ECU right now..

    I figured you guys would be the best to ask.. So anyone know?

    Also this is OBD1 car...

    I'm looking for something like this

    I don't need to read factory sensors really.. just aftermarket add ons.. so I don't need to have 50 other gauges all around the car..

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    err, aftermarket addons?

    that you have to mount sensors all over the place yourself?

    unless you want to be drilling holes everywhere (i dont recommend it), you'd have to use the factory sensors, then be able to program some way of interpreting the signals and what not

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