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Thread: Need software to increase refresh rate!

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    Need software to increase refresh rate!

    Im in the process of setting up my new m-atx system and ive run into a problem, im using the Asus M2NPV-VM board with the nvidia 6150 chipset which allows me to send a tv out signal so im using this for another screen in the back of my car,so i go to set it up and it doesnt allow me to increase the refresh rate above 60mhz so the feed i am getting is distorted, unlike the vga signal (70mhz)going to my lilliput in the front.

    I no this can be done as my laptop had the same function but you could increase the refresh rate as it had a utilty built in,
    Ive looked to see if anyone has had the same problem but no luck so im abit ****** off, can any one help ?

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    ok thanks

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