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Thread: EniCar the RR Clone

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    Quote Originally Posted by gla502 View Post
    Is there some sort of special way to install this? I downloaded all of the versions on the website and each one gives me a different type of error. V0.08 just says starting optional GPS and doesn't do anything but hang on that black screen.
    You will have the answer in the faq page. Search for that : GPS_SOFTWARE_PATH

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    website down...would love to try this app.

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    Hummm website is up for me.

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    ok have the hang up when starting
    have deleted the line as in faq about having no gps
    still same problem

    log is this

    EniCar started
    0.000 Start Register Command
    0.000 End Register Command
    0.000 Start Reader init
    0.000 End Reader init
    0.000 Start Read enicar.ini
    0.000 End Read enicar.ini
    0.000 load splash.jpg
    0.016 Starting GPS
    0.031 Start Cache Media
    0.031 Stat Read Audio Cache
    1.063 End Audio Skin Cache
    1.094 Stat Read Audio Cache
    1.094 End Audio Skin Cache
    1.094 End Cache Media
    1.094 Start Video Window
    1.094 End Video Window
    1.094 Start Mplayer init
    1.109 End Mplayer init
    1.109 Stat Read Skin Cache
    1.109 No Skin Cache Present
    1.109 Start loading skin
    1.109 load general.ini
    1.109 load folder.gif
    1.109 load media.gif
    1.109 start finding *.skin
    1.109 end finding *.skin
    1.109 Start Write Skin Cache
    1.109 End Write Skin Cache

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    It seems it didn't load any skin.

    Here is for example a successfull loading
    Start Video Window
    0.266 End Video Window
    0.266 Start Mplayer init
    0.282 End Mplayer init
    0.282 Start loading skin
    0.282 load skin.ini
    0.282 load folder.gif
    0.282 load media.gif
    0.282 start finding *.skin
    0.282 end finding *.skin
    0.282 Start Loading skin Page :
    0.282 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    2.360 End Loading skin page
    2.360 Start Loading skin Page :
    2.360 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    3.266 End Loading skin page
    3.266 Start Loading skin Page :
    3.266 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    4.938 End Loading skin page
    4.938 Start Loading skin Page :
    4.938 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    5.032 Unknow Button Command :SETVARBYCODE
    9.391 End Loading skin page
    9.391 Start Loading skin Page :
    9.391 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    9.579 End Loading skin page
    9.579 Start Loading skin Page :
    9.579 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    11.672 End Loading skin page
    11.672 Start Loading skin Page :
    11.672 c:\src\enicar\skin\Shock v3.0\
    12.297 Unknow Label Command :RDSTEXT
    15.016 End Loading skin page
    15.016 Start Loading skin Page :

    So check your skin dir in the ini and the skin name in the ini.

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    well doh @ me
    skin dir was wrong
    cheers for fast reply and fix

    testing now

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    yeah, I love RR. but the Iphone skin of my RR is kinda slow. but the music doesn't sputter when switching menu items, so I don't mind.

    I'm new to RR and iphone skin is my first RR use ever so maybe other skins are faster?

    i'm running 1 gig of ram on a xp athlon !!!!! i thought everything would be instant but the flash animation looks good on iphone skin. so i'm not complainning.

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    I have actually a problem for example on the mc2.0 in the file list. If the icon for the folder or the media is displayed (the optional folder.gif & media.gif) the list is slow, very slow on my carpc (not on my home pc, normal it's a core2duo). If you have problem with one skin give me a link for the download i will fix it.
    I'm currently working on another skin than my modified mc2.0 to start explore more compatibility issue with RR and finding bug.

    You can check the work in progress on the dowload page. You have a preview on what's comming next.

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    you need your web addy in your sig

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    Hi enitalp, where can I download enicar from ? I've tried your website but it keeps timing out before the page even loads ...

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