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    Quickest Start

    I have not started my projecy yet but I am still accumulating all of the neccessary knowledge. I am using my Carputer for mp3's, DVDs, and GPS. As for GPS I have heard that coPiolet is the best, but I can not find anywhere what is runs off. DO I need windows? What are the minium requirements? What software should I use to play mp3's and Dvd's? I know windows has it all but windows takes so long to load. Is there a way to make windows load alot quicker if so what? Windows isn't very stable either though is it? The only way I have found to power my system would make the computer turn off with the igntion. This is not good for windows is it? I know it is alot of question but I am really interested.

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    The search button is your friend.

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    yeah...please use the search button. All your questions have been covered and answered in great detail(s).
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