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Thread: Free Calling from Car

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    Guys don't forget about Live Messenger and google talk. Technically, thier services are more modern since they go IP to IP. I really think thats the future of phone calls anyways (thats just my opinion though. So if you think otherwise no need to flame me.)

    Anyhow, really all we need to do is create an app that doesn't care where its internet connection is from, maybe start somewhere simple so the concept is accepted and automate something like skype. Since Skype will ALWAYS be able to make outgoing calls. Think about the conveniance of free outgoing calls no matter where your network connection is comming from.

    Once the idea is accepted maybe continue forward and automate or integrate more applications into the mix.

    Basically the idea here is for the APP to NOT care about where the network connection is from which is different than our current mobile phone plug-ins...

    One last note, you guys see that USB phone vonage has???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiredwrx View Post
    But, have you ever actually looked at the unbelievably confusing data plans that Cingular offers. Also, I believe the 20 dollar plan you speak of does not "allow" tethering, and must use the gateway, and not the gateway. I don't think the wap gateway is edge, but I might be mistaken on that. Also, it is a technical violation of your TOS to tether on a non-tethering plan, and you could get socked with useage charges. How do I know, well, I got dinged for about 120 bucks for tethering with the unlimited media net.

    Hmmm... I've been tethering for the past year, using about 250MB/month and never had an issue....



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    i tethered with tmobile same as cingular and they found out and my bill was 500 bucks so i cut it off, well i didnt pay for it i have sprint and their evdo in cali is pretty fast i get speeds up to 1.5mbps at night and its only 15 bucks free with sero plan

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    Here's a product idea, tell me if you think people would go for it:

    Final product:
    Skype CellPhone (sold by partnership between cellular companies and Skype)
    Looks like normal cell phone.
    Functions like normal cell phone but at $50ish/mo unlimited internet rate.
    Calls are received via Skype-In.
    Calls are placed via Skype-Out.
    Includes BT/802.11 router so a wireless cloud is always around your phone.

    Intermediary Product:
    PCMCIA CellPhone
    A little bigger than 3 pcmcia cards stacked on top of each other.
    Has LCD, buttons, speaker, mic, and PCMCIA slot.
    Runs an embedded CPU (PDA size/speed).
    Provides same function as PCMCIA Wi-Fi router.
    CPU maintains connection to Skype for Skype In/Out functionality.
    Cell phone like num-pad dials directly on Skype Out.

    The only challenges are router miniaturization and battery life, but I think both could be overcome in a "not too big" cell-phone sized package with a PCMCIA slot for the broad-band cellular internet card. cellular companies already let you use a PDA cellphone at the $50ish/mo rate without having a phone plan? Are people already doing this and using it as their only cell-phone? Is there some reason this is not possible? Here in LA the PCMCIA cards seem to be just as reliable as a cell phone if not more.

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    Skype seems to be the best net VOIP I ever used Great sound quality and simply i think we all should give it a try, being of free bee

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    i might look very strange to bring this up again, but what about a plugin for xlite ( )

    i had a look at skype, but then i need to get a new phone number from them, i would love to stay with my current provider ( ), they have a great service etc...

    but i'm not limited to xlite... i can use any softphone that supports SIP voip

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