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Thread: ShutControl - Laptop Shutdown Controller Software

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    Quote Originally Posted by S_K_U_N_X View Post
    it monitors the button, my battery drivers are broken at the moment and it still works. Its a free app, why not check it out?
    I did and it didnt work ) mind u I am running Win7

    I press the power button and the PC shutdown it did not invoke the pre and post hibernate scripts or reboot the PC instead of shutting down

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    I think I was a bit confused, and believe your correct in thinking this wont work for you.

    Ask this guy if he figured it out
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    I installed this app and the standby timer is working great. But I'm having trouble getting the pre hibernate/standy commands to execute. I left the 'apps before hibernate delay' default at 10s, and the command (opening notepad) delay at 5s. I set the hibernate timer at 600s.

    After I go on battery mode, the timer counts down from 600 seconds correctly, but never executes the command and open notepad and just hibernates after 600s has passed. If I manually press the launch pre hibernate button on the gui, notepad launches correctly?

    Anyone having issues getting the prehibernate commands to work?

    BTW, I'm using win7 32bit and single action mode in ShutControl.
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    I ran into a problem today when installing ShutControl. I know its not common, but some people don't have their boot drive as C:\.. for some odd reason when i installed xp this time it set it as E:\.. not thinking of it being that big of a deal I continued to install the rest of my software until it came time to install ShutControl, which appears to be hard coded to install some files on C:\ even if the extract folder is set to somewhere else.

    Is it possible for you to change that? I did find a work around temporarily by setting up a virtual drive redirect..

    edit: Actually scrap that request. The Author hasn't updated the first post since 2007 so I doubt he will now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by millermil121 View Post
    The config file getting corrupted is the biggest issue for me. Everything else I have found work a rounds for.
    I had this too, so I ended up writing my own script in Windows Powershell.

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    Actually, I'm still about! I check this thread once per year.

    I'll have a look through the posts and see if there's anything worth fixing

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    The ultimate shutdown control software for laptops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blessani View Post
    Actually, I'm still about! I check this thread once per year.

    I'll have a look through the posts and see if there's anything worth fixing
    I know it might be a while till you check this thread again Blessani, but it would be cool if you could adjust the software to not be hard coded to Drive C, which it seems to be

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    First off let me say that this program is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I haven't installed it yet, but I read through all 11 pages of this thread and have high hopes for it.

    One thing I want to mention/ask is....for the WOL circuit. Is the 12v regulated? Or are you just grabbing power directly from the battery?

    As you all probably know, an auto electrical environment is very noisy. Also, the vehicles voltage is not really 12v. A fully charged battery is 12.6v. An alternator normally supplies 14.4v. Mine sits at 13.8v because I installed an AGM battery into my car. (I had to program and register my battery into my car using corporate level software.) Anyway, I would recommend everyone to add a 12v regulator and a 100uF decoupling capacitor to regulate the batteries input voltage to 12v (obviously) and to absorb some of the transient voltage spikes.

    Thanks again for the program! Awesome work!

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