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Thread: Software Suggestions Please

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    Software Suggestions Please

    I'm prolly going to get flamed for not reading a whole lot of posts but anyways....

    I've got a 1.2ghz Dell latitude c840. I plan to get 512mb of ram for it. I have a 5' non-touch lcd for it, 200w (400w peak) inverter. I'm pretty handy with electronics. I was thinking it'd be cool to use an old NES controller to navigate through the front end software. It seems pretty easy to wire up (8 buttons, 9 pins). I would like to avoid using a keyboard as much as possible but i do plan to buy one of those palm sized querty keyboards. The features I would like the system to have includes:

    Voice recognition
    ability to control w/o mouse (if possible)
    mp3 player
    ability to launch external programs
    internal browser might be nice
    Windows prefered but not necesary
    i have access to msdn libraries (which includes mappoint!)
    i would really really like the software to be free

    If you guys could give me a few suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    just about every one here is going to suggest that you download a few front ends and try them out. Thats whay I did, and ended up settling on Road Runner, which is a great front end. It can be a little tricky for a novice to set up however so keep that in mind, not sure what your experience level is.

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    Actually I'm a computer systems analyst so i should be able to figure out most of these but i am no programmer. What if we (the board) where to come up with a comparison table for the most popular front ends? As large as this board is, we should be able to get it done pretty quickly.

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    i know when your new to this the whole "which software will i run" thing can be daunting, but seriously try some out and see what you like. Your not running a touchscreen so you will probably prefer different software to most people.

    RoadRunner is a good place to start, most people would recommend it to you

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