My laptop HD died today (for no good reason!), but i thought i would be ok as I have an image of it taken using backup software before it died. Problem is I connect the harddrive (with the image on) to a pc and it doesn show up in explorer. It shows up fine in disc management (with the correct partitions etc and as a basic disc, healthy etc..) but doesnt show in explorer.

I dont want to convert it to a dynamic disc as that would alter the imaged drive, and the option to mark as active is grayed out.

not sure what to do, i have checked and double checked the bios, but all is well and like i said it shows in disc manger. Help as i need this imaged disc to work so i can copy the image back to my laptop harddrive.

The hard drive with the image is a standard ide hard drive, the laptop hard drive is being connected via a usb adapter, but shows up fine in explorer. Have checked the jumpers on both driver and all are as they should be (both as single drives)

Please help, as my laptop didnt come with an xp cd just a recovery partition which is only available on ym imaged harddrive now