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Thread: WinXP Pro SP2 Problem

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    WinXP Pro SP2 Problem

    Hi All, I am new here.....

    I've got alot more questions, but this one I want to get out very soon..

    I have a Pent. 4 2.4Ghtz Proc.
    nVidia 5600 Geforce2 256mb Graphics card
    512 of DDR SDRAM
    one 120gig hd, 7200RPM
    one 320gig hd, lower than 7200RPM

    And so yeah, anyways....

    I was running a scan disk last night; and my power connection on my WinXP HD(the 120gig hd) must have came loose or something, because I over heard the sound, of exactly like when it turns on... And Coming back to the scan disk when this happend........ My pc just froze, and the screen stayed on the normal scan disk screen showing all that is normally there, only it locked up.... So I pressed the restart button.... It started reconginzing all of my hardware.... and it now says Primary Master and Primary Slave(the two hard drives PM=120Gig, PS=320gig) is now unable to recognize them........ And then after that screen it goes to the Worse screen in the world...... The black screen with the _ <<< that, That thing blinks..... and then it says... Firmware... something something something..... and says I need to insert a boot device, or choose which one I want to boot from........

    And this happend to my Dad once, but he is out of town for the week...... btw he ran this intersting test.... that was like nothing that I've ever seen before......... He fixed it though.

    ********Keep in mind the Scan Disk I ran was not on the desktop but at the start up of the computer.....*****************

    -Dave A. Lawrence
    possible suggestions please....

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    Try unplugging both hard drives from your mobo and restart the pc. Let it throw the NTLDR not found error. Restart and then go into your BIOS. Whatever option it is to reload or save with optimized settings and then save on exit. Shut down and then just install the OS hard drive. Turn it back on and see if it loads windows. After it successfully loads, shut down and install the 2nd hard drive. If the system crashes, the 2nd drive could need a reformat.

    If that doesnt work, try installing your OS drive on another computer as a slave, or thru an IDE to USB connector and verify the contents of the drive. When the system froze, it could have damaged your MBR and you could be stuck with no option but to reformat and start over.

    Anything more beyond that is beyond my firsthand experience and i would leave it to someone else to give their input before formatting, although from my experience, sometimes its just faster to reformat and start fresh than to try and recover from a critical error like the one you explain.

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    also, check the bios, see if the bios just reset and now doesnt know what to boot off of or cant find the hdds
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    Moved to OS Optimization, as this thread has nothing to do with Software development.

    Another option is to get a HDD check utility and let it run every check it can do. I have an old-school DOS-based freeware HDD utility that's on a bootable CD along with a memory test utility. PM me if you want to try it out.
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    if all the above fails put the XP disk in and repair the installation. Depending on what damage has been done to the data you might not loose anything. Another option is to boot on a partition magic disk. This is good for seeing the formatting and partitions on your hard drive. Course if too much data has been corrupt then a fresh install is the only option.
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    Okay everyone.....

    GFridrich3's Post WORKS!!! WOOHOOO!!!

    But this is exactly what I did

    First; Unplugged all harddrives then turned the computer on... waited for like 15 minutes.
    Second; I plugged my Harddrive with windows XP installed on it.... and took out the jumpers on it... *So it meant that that was the only hd on that cable, Primary Master w/ No Slave Drive Present on that same cable...
    Forth; Plugged all harddrives in.... and put the jumpers back... (pc is off)
    Fifth; PC IS BACK TO Normal/Better than ever!

    Thank you Sir!

    -David A. Lawrence

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