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Thread: Recommend a good winamp skin with big buttons

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobb View Post
    I have always been using WMP for my main computer, and I am also using WMP for my carpc. However, it is a bit difficult to operate WMP in the car environment since WMP has very small buttons. I could not find a good WMP skin with fairly large buttons. Now I am thinking maybe I should try using Winamp in my car. After a bit of searching, I still cannot find the perfect skin to use for winamp. I am curious. For those who use winamp in their carpc, what skin are you using?
    Searching for something that does not exist lead me to design the winamp skin myself. I am using a 7" touch screen. This WAL displays title, album, group permanently without the use of the playlist. Volume is not installed but for that I use my car amplifier.

    Download and nename the extension from ZIP to WAL. For some geocities does not allow WAL extension.

    .... And for "Enforcer"'s benifit, in winter when it is -20 you have gloves on your hands not too mention people using driving gloves for high speed driving, can't beleive I have to explain that ....

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    He he good one...

    He he good one, I can't remove the gloves because they are duck-taped to my redneck hands.....

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    I searched for this and found one skin which I probably won't use myself, but I figured it would probably work for someone.

    It's the Ananuki skin in Party mode.
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    You should use frontend like Road Runner.
    It uses Winamp as core and you can use different skin with nice and big buttons.

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    I was looking at this feller myself. It's called Shield Amp. It's got some pretty big buttons and scales nicely.

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