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Thread: Digital Dash front end

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    Digital Dash front end

    I was just lookin at a poll on wich front end people like best and I was surprised to not see Digital Dash from G-NET mentioned anywhere.

    I kinda gave it up at first because I wanted to integrate bluetooth in my set up and they don't offer it, but since PhoCo (used with RR) is an utter nightmare to figure out, I just decided to forget about using my phone through my car PC. Therefore now I'm wondering if DD isn't such a bad option.

    Is there anybody outthere using it?
    If you're not ,go download the trial, check it out and tell me what you think.

    besides the fact that there's no way to use your phone through it, it is pretty nice especially if you wanna use SIRIUS.

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    i bought it a year or two ago.....since i've been here havent used it since. know, that guy...

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