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Thread: why a frontedn when OS has everything?

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    zooooom! goes right over my head I'm still waiting on auxmod advanced for my mazda before I decide on an input device, but I like to keep my options open.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flavor4real View Post
    My question:

    Why do u need to use a frontend written with bugs when u have a OP which you can modify for your needs?

    Cause when you have someone in the car and they ask what you run, you say "uh ... windows XP, and I'm proud of it." Then you get slapped. As opposed to saying "I have a custom interface with a touch screen", and people go "wow that's cool".

    Using pre-made stuff with no modifications is like taking the bus instead of driving.

    That - and Windows isn't exactly car-friendly (button size, font size, etc.). Try it in the car, instead of on your home computer where you have a mouse, a keyboard and all that.
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    yep u right. i was just aying since im a computer tech and i have all kind of tricks to modify xp pro in a way that it will run nice and smooth. but a custom interface with all the feature will make it nice and easy .... so i will go with RR after i mess a round with XP Pro a bit

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    no frontend = ban


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    Quote Originally Posted by texas319 View Post
    no frontend = ban

    Really, Why?

    I do not use one either.
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    I couldn't resist this forum....tho I really should be out in the field calibrating something, instead of here in the shop yakkin w/y'all!!

    I had a horrible experience with Street Deck as a newbie (which I still am). It scrambled about 100 cd's worth of music, really goofed up all album art...and really isn't that well laid out...

    No, I don't propose to offer a front end designed by yours loftily - but I am going to have a go at using my carpc straight with Vista. I, too, have set things up to get to very easily, and do not consider it a virtue to be able to switch between umpteen apps on the 95....doing 95....

    But since we're all so tolerant, let's be so even more. To each his own. As long as your carputing experience is fun and brings satisfaction, do whatcha want.

    Speaking of touch screenz - my Lilliput 629 7" is lots of fun, but nobody told me that the touchscreen overlay would make the screen hazy and filmy, as opposed to crystal-clear.
    I fully intend to mount a 14" or so monitor on a stalk-mount or gooseneck. And it won't have to look goofy mounted from passenger seatbolt parallel to console. I want that big clear screen. (Plus I have 50-year-old-eyes......)

    The Griffin volume, etc, etc controller is great and can be set up to do more than ever - check out the latest soft'we upgrade. It has a lot of minimal-hands-off-the-steering-wheel functionality. Safety is still job one while driving!

    Alright, blessings to all!

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