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Thread: Copilot Style GPS for the UK / Europe?!

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    Originally posted by Andrew Chappell
    hehe that wouldn't suprise me. I don't think i can use the software cause i don't have a pcmcia card and as it doesn't accept nmea data i am stuck. Ahh well back to the drawing board. I really don't want to hack about too much but i might write my own interface for autoroute 2002 - we drove all the way across europe with this and it seemed pretty good. It does give turn by turn instructions but doesn't speak them or show map's for them. However, it does print mini maps out so there must be a way to get at them!


    In fact the problem is that Ordnance Survey charges ****loads of money for the map data. I have the same problem in France, where the (public, paid with taxpayer's money) state agency that does maps charges a bundle per square kilometer of mapping data. Some people are starting doing the mapping themselves, driving around the country side where they go and capturing GPS data.

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    Doh Again! I guess that until maps are readily available at a good price there isn't gonna be much hope. If i get the uk version of map point for a pricy 190 I will be able to develop my own vb interface for it with speach e.t.c. as it comes with an activex control. Otherwise it seems that there are a few programs with good maps but most don't do anything like the same functions as copilot.

    If only that sony software was USB!!!
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