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Thread: Help! LCD output messed up after using LCDprint.exe

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    Help! LCD output messed up after using LCDprint.exe

    After 2 solid days of wiring a Seiko2014, I finally got my character display running perfectly with winamp. The next step was to work on the start up display. I remembered hearing people using lcdprint to print a text doc to the screen while DOS was still booting windows. When I was testing this I executed lcdprint 378 20 4 start.txt and all I got was garbage! I tried running winamp again and it was nothing but garbage! HELP! I turned off the computer and it still displays just garbage when running winamp. Did I do something wrong with lcdprint?

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    LCD print should not effect any of the settings for the winamp plugin (it's a really simple program, and doesn't do much). Your best bet is to check the cable etc, if you havn't already.

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