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Thread: New system - What software do you all use... what should I put on mine?

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    New system - What software do you all use... what should I put on mine?

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster........ (Sorry!)

    I've purchased a carputer but I don't have any software on it. I've been trying to look at all types of software..... and as there is so much around it's getting confusing. What software do you all use? If I know that various packages of software all works together for someone else then (hopefully!) it will work with me. I'm from the UK so that may change slightly the mapping/gps side. I'm looking at front end, navigation, music playing, video playing, phone control, etc.

    In short then, what do you all use? What pieces of software do you all use together and are there any other programmes or things that it's usefull to download or do?



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    my top picks are roadrunner and centrafuse for frontends

    roadrunner is more customizable, centrafuse is faster and better integrated

    for gps i prefer iguidance over destinator

    for phonecontrol, phoco works very well inside cf, but there are also two new ones out that will work with rr: freefone and rrmobile.

    run a search and that should be a good starting point

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