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Thread: every one that uses a palm for their car m3 players

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    every one that uses a palm for their car m3 players

    please tell me what os and what software you use with it and what are the capabilities ?
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    what are the capabilities ?
    OmniRemote v2.1 / greate your own keyboard layout and program your Palm every letter and number including all the function keys from your infrared keyboard. Make another custom layout called MP3 PLAYER and make buttons, stop, play, next, etc.... also add playlist buttons for different genre's. Now greate macros within OmniRemote using the programed keyboard layout that you did and you'll find the possibilities endless from changing playlist dir's to restarting your computer or winamp, to opening other programs if you use the palm instead of an onboard keyboard. ( yes you can put your whole keyboard layout on your palm making it possibly one of the smallest but not the most feasible input devices)
    GTI - Palm IIIe controlled with Radio faceplate hack for keyboard control of WinAmp w/ Vocal Genre playlist loading.
    VW Bus - 10.4" vga lcd. Loaded with same software as above.


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