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Thread: How do you add a paramenter to "EXTGPSexeName="

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    More IG + ME trouble... I give up! S&T2007 is horrible too!!

    How do you add a parameter to "EXTGPSexeName="

    Trying to stop the nag window in IGuidance with the use of the nowarning parameter, but I don't know the format to enter it in the settings.ini for Media Engine.


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    I have run into a much more annoying problem... Everytime I click GPS in the car ME says LOADING and never stops. But IGuidance loads.... Unfortunately ME never loads, i left it for a half hour

    The exact same programs work fine on my desktop pc. I even transferred all the files from my desktop to the laptop in the car and had no luck! Same deal - LOADING - forever
    My desktop is xp pro, car is win2k (up to date, I checked)

    GAH, I've got to find a copy of destinator 2, built in support for that!

    Ok I have destinator but it only has UK maps!!

    i took Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 for a drive (with a usb keyboard) and all I can say is WOW! That program is horrible! VASTLY INFERIOR - not only is it not intuitive in any way whatsoever... You hands down need a keyboard for it.

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