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Thread: FreeFone standalone alpha 1.1 Released

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    ramez75 - When you are running this app, do you have the Freefone WEB page also on your screen. Best way to test it is to ONLY have RR loaded and try again.
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    if you use freephone , do you need to also have , or is it like it says standalone. i ask because when i install this , it just says trying to connect.

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    I think i had the web open yes Tissy, i will give it a shot. So i will make sure no webpages are open. LEt me see what happens

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    This program is standalone.
    I get the program to connect to my 6230i. I can call or receive calls (can't hangup though). But I don't hear the called person through my speakers and also can't get the microphone of my pc to work. Seems that I can use the PC just for making calls.

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    Can't Download FreeFone

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry - I realize I'm posting this year after the link to FreeFone was posted, but I can't seem to find any other piece of software for Windows that I can use with my cell-phone to answer / make calls and the like. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Nonetheless, I used the link below to try and download FreeFone stand-alone and once there have to register and sign-in (which I did). It then says my registration has to be approved before I can download FreeFone. I'm guessing no has taken a look at my registration because it has been a month or so. Long story short, be someone be able to show me a different link to FreeFone or send it to me? Thanks!

    [email protected]

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    You could try see if that works.. If not I will post a working link in a bit

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