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Thread: How do you flash without Floppy or CD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc456 View Post
    Well, now i have borrwoed a PS2 keyboard from work and booted up with the aforementiond cdrom method. Now the keyboard works but when I run the utility I get a 'insufficient memory' message. ARGH! will this ever end!

    Any ideas, I have 385KB free but need to know any dos tricks to free up some memory!

    Looks like the usb floppy might be a good idea but for now I would like to avoid spending any money on PC parts, being immediatly after christmas.

    I have never seen a memory issues on a boot disk. Did you create your boot disk from an ISO provided by the MB manufacturer?
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    Wahay...We did it!

    Thanks to the thread about thumbdrive booting I managed to extract an image for nero to create a win98 boot cd and wrote the flash utilities to another cd and its all done. 32 bit colour in all its colourfulness!!

    thankyou everyone for the help and advice.


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