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Thread: Windows XP Help Urgently Needed!!

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    Dec 2005
    I got the demo copy of getdataback For NTFS and it found all of my file that I thought were gone. Just got it registered and it's scanning away happily at the minute!!
    I'll let you know if it's worked or not later. Cheers for everything guys!!

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    getbackdata for fat or ntfs

    For those that come across this thread in the future....

    When using getbackdata to recover a hard drive that is FAILING, make sure you do the option first that allows you to create an image of your hard drive.

    What that does, is reads the drive and stores the entire drive to your working drive. It breaks the image into 650 meg chucks so you can burn them to CDs if wanted (size is adjustable).

    The reason behind doing this, is when you do a normal scan to have it find your has to read the drive (or just a part if you set it to).

    Then, once it's done reading, you select the files you want to restore, then it has to READ the drive a second time to reclaim the files.

    Well if your drive takes a dump during the first half of the procedure you just wasted your time. By making the image onto your working hard drive, you can go back and scan the image, instead of subjecting the bad hard drive to more abuse.

    The 650 meg chunks are a nice feature, in the event that the drive fails while making the image. At least you'll have images of everything read up until that point stored on your good hard drive.

    I'm still working reclaiming data from a 250 gig drive that I had the past years worth of important pictures on. It took 24 hours to do about 20%, just because the drive is crapping out hardcore. At that point the drive started clicking again and couldn't read any more. I'm hoping I can give it another try and pick up some more data.

    We're talking about a hard drive so phucked, when trying to boot it at times it would say master file table corrupt or missing

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    Managed to recover most of the data!!

    Got my work back and pictures that were on there but some of my MP3's are a bit corrupt but not all of them!! Top program!!

    Cheers for all your help guys.

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