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Thread: Win XP and Trident 9685 + Winamp plugins..

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    Question Win XP and Trident 9685 + Winamp plugins..


    I am starting to install the OS on my carputer, but i still have some doubts, can anyone help me??

    1) Is there any winamp plugin to play every song on the same volume?? And another plugin to start the song on the exact place it was before the computer hibernate?? Where can i get them??

    2) I have an Trident 9685 with tv out, i searched trident web site looking for a win XP driver but didn't find, will the video board work in XP?? I already jumped the board to boot from the tv out port.

    3) Only one more, hehe. Is there any program to control the margins off the image on the lcd, like the tvtool, but one that works with my trident??

    Tanks very much for the help..


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    are you using the via epia motherboard??

    1) Use the resumer plugin

    2) XP should already have the drivers for the video card..

    3) Use the overscan option

    I've not had luck hibernating with winamp open on my epia board.. for some reason hibernating with winamp open causes a fault in the trident drivers.
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    c.) I used to have a Trident and had never got it to overscan. The only way i could get it to overscan was go into display properties and do it manually. I looked for a way to make it permanent, but never found a way. I would try tvtool or something similar and see what happens.
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