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Thread: Origami Experience Pack now available for Vista...

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post
    can the computer your running it on, run Aero? It uses some hardware accel so if your vid card isnt up to par origami wont run. I get the same error if i run vista in vmware, but it will run fine on the same machine with a real install of vista. Not sure why they are taking this route, its allmost like they are forgetting the target hardware for the app, umpc's which are not beefy machines. I saw a video not to long ago of someone running it on there umpc, and it ran terribly slow, something like a 4sec lag on every click.
    I think that must be the issue. The machine where I was having issues with it doesn't have too great of a video card. I put it on my desktop at home and it runs fine, although that card doesn't technically support Aero either (it does have a lot more video RAM though).

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    I must say I'm impressed with this package. I wish INav could be embedded, if it could, I'd definitely use this over Frodoplayer... I run at 1024X768 resolution anyway, so this almost works perfect in the carpc.

    Hopefully the WMPlayer equalizer affects this application, as that was my only drawback to using Frodoplayer... Sometimes the eq wouldn't work and my headunit produces way to much bass.

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    Watching thread.

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    Some cool backgrounds for Origami...

    Origami Project
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    Anything close to this for XP users?


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    I love origami on mine. Except for the fact that my machine struggles to play certain video files on vista. I know you can get an UMPC emulator for it for XP but I don't think it performs the same and has the umpc buttons showing as well so it's smaller on the screen than you expect.

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