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Thread: terminal services/remote desktop as a dual screen "mirrored" application?

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    terminal services/remote desktop as a dual screen "mirrored" application?

    Is there any way to run terminal services/remote desktop as a dual screen application?

    Where by the app is not thrown into a “locked” server/host relationship and simply mirrors host and server.

    I have been using VNC to accomplish this but the refresh speed between the two programs is grossly relevant and if I could only get remote desktop to display on the server machine all would be well.

    Are there any hacks or workarounds anyone has seen of?

    I have not found anything on the topic so just throwing it out there in hopes someone has heard of such a thing.

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    TBH unless you want any kind of feedback from the "remote" screen a dual output graphics card would be for the best.

    Failing that you could use Windows Media Encoder (free from microsoft) to capture the screen then send it across a network (pretty fast once it gets going, but it will be lagged behind and it humps the local CPU)

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