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Thread: winamp audio level plugin

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    winamp audio level plugin

    im searching for a plugin that "levels" out the audio level of different mp3s in winamp.

    I know that such a plugin exist, i know it has been mentioned on this board, but im unable to locate it.

    I have searched for quite i while in winamps plugin listing, but its just to big (or im searching for the wrong words)

    can anybody point me inthe way of such a plugin

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    If you are talking about the volume of your MP3's then try searching for RockSteady or if this link works here is it's listing on Winamp's site:

    I searched for Volume and found this, for future reference. If you want something like a compressor/limiter... which gives you more control over different levels of the sound of the MP3... check this one out: "SqrSoft Limiter" is it's name and it looks to be in spanish, so you might need to translate or just mess around with it unless that is just the picture shown in spanish.

    Hope these help!


    BTW I have tried RockSteady, and I didn't like it too much, because some MP3's where a part would be louder within a song (purposely made that way to add emphisis) it would supress that too, so some of the songs your used to listening to will sound a lot different. You just need to weigh the pros vs. cons.
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