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Thread: Tweaking XP for Faster Boot Times

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    Tweaking XP for Faster Boot Times

    I am getting my in-car computer ready and using WinXP - thought you might find these links useful. According to MS, WinXP should be capable of booting to a useable state in a total of 30 seconds, resume from hibernate in a total of 20 seconds and resume from standby in a total of 5 seconds. Interesting figures. Seems like taking post times into account, the 30 seconds is definitely doable - also shows the difference from hibernate is not that great (10 sec). Anywhere, hope these are useful to some:

    Analyze your boot time:

    Tips directed towards speeding up boot time: [WARNING: Tries to mix computers and scantily clad women in attempt to appear less geeky]

    General Articles on tweaking XP:,3973,5728,00.asp

    XP Tweaking Utilities

    Thought this looked interesting - MicroSoft Sideshow (a beta version has leaked and is available). Check for the story, but this article is the best explanation of what it is. is another great source.

    The stripped down WinPE (se Tweak and Bink sites) also looks interesting, but not sure how useful. Not really the same thing as XP Lite.

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    Re: Tweaking XP for Faster Boot Times

    good stuff....

    still yet to try WinXP embedded..... will do over my holidays break....

    also XPLite looks to be good when it hits the streets...
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    I'm struggling with Win XP Embedded - How complicated! I'm a Systems Engineer in the UK installing XP Pro, Win2k Active Directory servers etc every day .... XP Embedded has me baffled so far .... looks like I may have read the manuals ... grrrr!!
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    Great work!
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