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Thread: Choppy Hauppauge WinTV

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    Choppy Hauppauge WinTV

    Greetings all

    I have a problem with my USB TV card. I have followed Guino's guide, installed the winamp plug-in and it works from within RoadRunner (BMV skin), but although the audio is fine, the video is very stuttery. It freezes for approx 1 second, shows an few frames, frezes again etc.

    CPU useage shows as at or near 100%

    The same occurs in winamp itself without RR running.

    Using the WinTV 2000 program supplied with the card then everything works fine and CPU load is approx 35%.

    I'm guessing this is a winamp driver issue? I've explored the plugin settings and tried the three different renders available and they all seem the same. I have the CCC codec pack installed.

    I've tried searching but couldn't find anything with a similar issue.

    I'd be very grateful for any advice as I'm new to car PC/RR/TV plugin...


    Edit: Forgot to say that I'm using a Via M10k mobo

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    Does anyone know how to determine what drivers winTV uses, and/or how to get winamp to use the same ones?

    Is winamp 2.95 too old to proprly support the TV plugin?

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    How you could use WINTV HAUPPAUGE USB WITH Road Runner?
    please tell me.

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