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Thread: How to backup Outlook Express email folders and settings

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    How to backup Outlook Express email folders and settings

    I want to reinstall Windows Xp soon, as I got a virus and after cleaning the computer doesn't work as smooth as before. I gives some strange erros and sometimes it justs hangs up... I want to backup Outlook Express emails and settings before reinstall, and restore afterwards. Any help?

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    In C:\Documents and Settings\WINDOWS USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{UID STRING}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
    Copy off all the files in this folder. When you're done, copy them back in after you've gotten OE set back up.

    Another method is to back up the ENTIRE C:\Documents And Settings folder, then copy back in elements you need after you have Windoze reloaded. That way you're never losing anything important.
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    Thank You
    I find a very good solution:

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