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Thread: Music Muted when i resume from stand by or hybernation -

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    Music Muted when i resume from stand by or hybernation -

    What version of StreetDeck is this bug report for?

    Please give a basic description of the issue here.

    Music Muted when i resume from stand by or hybernation

    Is the system that is listed in your CarPC specs under your user name the same system where you encountered this bug?


    If no, please describe your system here.

    Are you able to reproduce this bug at will?


    Please list the steps required to recreate the issue you are reporting.

    when the t3 comes out of hybernation or stand by the music is muted the track timer runs and the spectrum analyser runs, the only way to get the sound back is to restart SD.

    Please provide any relevent information regarding the issue you have encountered.

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    I have the G4 and since the update to I have noticed this too, although it does not seem to happen every time. For me, the issue has only been with music on my hard drive, not with radio or sat radio. I was able to recreate the problem yesterday, but today, while out and about, I did not have the issue. I was thinking that it might be doing it from standby and working properly upon resume from hybernation, but I am not certain about this.

    Anywayz, I am going to check to see if I have WMP 11 and, if not, update to it. I saw this suggested by 'god of cpu' in a different thread.

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    Wmp11 Fixed The Problem

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