1. Uninstall StreetDeck
  2. Uninstall Mappoint
  3. Delete Program Files\StreetDeck
  4. Delete My Documents\StreetDeck
  5. The registry is only used for the development environment. You may or may not have registry entries for StreetDeck if you do they should be under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\StreetDeck
    1. Start -> Run -> type in the following minus the quotes: 'Regedit'
    2. once in the registry:
    3. F3 "Streetdeck" once it's done:
    4. F3 "Mappoint"
  6. reboot, and reinstall

    Quote Originally Posted by god_of_cpu
    Mappoint still may leave some stuff floating around which I do not know how to get rid of consistently. It can also be finicky with uninstalling and reinstalling. I generally do not recommend uninstalling mappoint for any reason.