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Thread: StreetDeck Driver Downloads

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    StreetDeck Driver Downloads

    Infill Drivers
    The latest Infill T3 drivers are found on the StreetDeck DVD under Drivers\Infill

    StreetDeck System Downloads
    iBase 896 Motherboard
    These drivers are from the internet and/or the installation cd. They are are the ones that we have found work best with the hardware. Some drivers available on the iBase website have known issues causing lockups and other problems.
    Sound Card Driver (RealTek v3.84)
    Chipset Driver
    Lan Card Driver
    VGA Driver (Intel 915GM)

    Various USB Device Drivers
    BU-303 / BU-353 GPS Driver
    Touchscreen Driver
    USB Infrared Reciever (USB-UIRT) USB UIRT Input Plugin Developer (I am Chuck)
    Get StreetDeck at
    The Official StreetDeck Forums have moved, please visit us at for official support for Streetdeck.

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    Thank you Oh CPU God I have been googleing for 2 hours to find only about half of the drivers.

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    Drivers Infill T3

    Drivers INFILL T3???
    Where I can unload the controllers?

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