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Thread: Premature StreetDeck Trial TimeOut

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    Premature StreetDeck Trial TimeOut

    The StreetDeck trial edition will normally timeout after 30 days or 15 minutes of continous use. There are some things that can cause the timeout to expire early though.

    Specifically, if you change the date on your computer (forwards or backwards) after the trial is installed, it may cause the trial to immediatly timeout.

    If you delete some of the files in My Documents\StreetDeck directory, it will also cause it to expire immediatly.

    Once the StreetDeck trial has expired, there is no way to reset or extend the trial period. You can, however, run StreetDeck in developer mode for an unlimited amount of time. Developer mode will let you experience almost all that StreetDeck has to offer, except audio and video will not be seen or heard. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    How to adjust screen size in developer mode?

    I am experiencing the same problem with the demo showing as expired.

    I can use Developer mode but then I have not been able to adjust the screen size so that the app uses the full screen. I can get into the settings mode but the "Size" adjustment affects the size of grid elements and not the size of the screen.

    When running in non developer mode full screen was used by default.

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    trial expired prematurely

    my trial expired after doing a system restore

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    Temporary patch?

    Uhm, I'm not a programmer so I don't know how difficult it is but,, could a patch not be made to fix the 30 day trial issue? I do understand that your team has other priorities but.........
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