For StreetDeck to run at its full performance level, your computer must have at least a DirectX7 compatible or better video card installed and you MUST have DirectX 9 or later installed.

If you get an error from StreetDeck saying: "Could not find any compatible Direct3D Devices..." it means either your video card does not support Direct3D or a proper driver is not installed. Some special drivers or applications, like power strip, also may prevent StreetDeck from running properly.

To fix the problem, you should first run the DXDiag tool included with DirectX. You can do this by going to "Start | Run" and entering "DXDiag" in the open textbox:
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Once the DXDiag utility starts, goto the Display 1 tab, verify that it says "No problems found", then click the "Test Direct3D" button. This will run a series of tests, if your video card passes all tests, it means StreetDeck should run on your hardware.
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If your video card does not pass the DXDiag tests, you should install the latest stable driver from your video card manufacturer and try again.

If your video card is not capable of supporting Direct3D 7, you can still run StreetDeck in GDI mode adding -GDI to the command arguments of the StreetDeck shortcut.