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Thread: Modified Subaru Skin

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    can someone please post the new modified one, i.e. the one which fixes yellow font etc.
    or send to my gmail, jaidevp

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    The yellow text had something to do with one of the version of SD, I haven't mucked with it in a long time and I don't actually know where the file is right now.

    Sorry guys.

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    Anyone have a functional subaru skin for the more recent updates to Streetdeck?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxxell View Post
    Anyone have a functional subaru skin for the more recent updates to Streetdeck?
    The carwings skin is easily changed to subaru if you like the layout. The logo's are already made. Also the convertible skin can easily be changed to subaru. The Saturn skin was actually taken from the Subaru skin, I believe, so turning it back (with Jasons improvements) would be pretty simple. Just let us know if you want that one and I'll throw together what you need to convert it.

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