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Thread: Alienware Revived Skin (Skin Release #1)

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    Talking Alienware Revived Skin (Skin Release #1)

    This is a skin I did for the good people at SD a LONG LONG time ago... Until now I haven't been able to convert my skins because of the development interface and inconsistant skinning requirements, but this is definitely something you haven't seen before. As of 1.1, it would appear old skins can now be converted!

    As a disclaimer, I am not sure how many problems this skin has because it was originally done for a short timeline AND I only did a couple of tweaks before releasing it here. I do know that the color of text is off on some items (the yellow and the red) because SD no longer supports the skinners choice of colors in lieu of the end user being able to select their own colors...

    The top arrow button (center "down" arrow) causes your toolbar to come out.

    Click here for the skin

    This skin was released with permission from Streetdeck.

    I have a few more skins you have never seen that I will release when I have time on my hands (I am doing a lot of contract work for other companies right now)

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    nice skin is there a way to remove the alienware logo?
    Microsoft Is a Evil Empire that has corrupted a generation!

    Thanks - Eric Scott
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    Save this one in the skin directory

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