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Thread: ScionDeck Silver

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    ScionDeck Silver

    Ok, the next skin over a long night....
    Things unique about this skin...
    1. changed main screen icons
    2. Home Page and Music Detail Page have different backgrounds then every other screen (because it fit better with the design)
    3. When the vehicle on the home page is moused over or pressed, the tail lights light up

    I think this is a more elegant implementation due to the subtle simplicity of the look and feel...

    As usual, feedback is appreciated

    Here is the home page:

    Here is one of the supporting pages with the "other background"

    Here is the sliders and detail page

    Here is the file

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    Is everything dead here?

    Where is this skin? no pics left (all broken). Link is dead.
    even the domain is dead.
    Infill G4. StreetDeck.
    Installed 09/17/07

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    All of his links are dead. Does anyone have an updated link for his skins? I'd love to see what he has to offer. Right now the lack of decent skins is what's holding me back from purchasing streetdeck and I'm so busy trying to get this car together I don't have time at the moment to start making my own.

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