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Thread: What makes the buttons pulse when selected.

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    What makes the buttons pulse when selected.

    I am working on a skin and was wondering what makes the buttons pulse and how to manipulate them. I want to be able to change shape and color if possible:
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    Ok, I see that if I name a button with focus, it automatically does the glowing and pulsing once higlighted. What I want to do is create a circle in the center of the picture which pulses as if it is glowing, but I want it to do that all the time on the main screen without being selected. It won't serve any purpose except eye candy. Anyone know how I can do this?

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    I think that the area where you want to see the glow would need to be transparent, or have some transparency in order for the glow to show through when it has focus.
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    The Pulse

    Yeah, that is what I would have to do. Unfortunately having to have that transparent button as the focus defeats the purpose. I am going to try and see if I can do something with a visualization over the circle in the middle. Just need some kind of "bump and grind" on the main screen.... something to show off.

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