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    Music button link

    I use the directory view exclusively to play music and was wondering if it is possible to make it so the Music button goes straight to the directory view rather than having to select local library and then directory? Not sure if this could be done in a skin or if it would have to be a script.

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    Good question. I'd like to do the same. : )

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    I think so... SD option ModuleToShow or something like that. The trick is to find the "module" you want and type it in exactly how it is named.

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    If you just want to change the button, then as was mentioned, all you have to do is change the Module to show property for the button you want.

    The most comprehensive way to do it would be to write a DigitalMod and add a scripted overlay to it. Then in the overlay.OnFunction event, you should check for the eFunctionMusic function and add an App.Exec with the module you want to show instead and return true when you process the message so the default processing does not continue. This would change the gesture or keyboard keys for music to also go to the module you want. It would also work regardless of which skin you run. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Well, good that we have an expert on board instead of people like me :P

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